About Us

Suzhou LARSSON Elevator Co.,Ltd  is specifically for the international market. We are one of the major elevator & escalator manufacturers in China, technology originated in Germany, annual production capacity over 10,000 units‎. In July 2014, our new SMART factory was put into use, with total investment of USD $90 million which covers an area of nearly 70,000㎡.

“Always best price” is our promise. We are committed to provide high quality elevator & escalator products with reasonable price to profit our partners and customers, and to make LARSSON one of the most competitive brands.

With global and local optimal combination, we can offer solutions of vertical and horizontal passenger/freight transportation for international customers. As a whole manufacturing, research and development, sales, maintenance services in one company, we will make all-round cooperation with international customers for our innovative technology, good solutions of outstanding products.
We use the most advanced technology, and constantly strive to improve quality, while we keep down our production cost of our products. Additionally, we’ve established detailed technical and inspection standards, and strictly inspect each component, to ensure the quality of our elevators.


We are equipped with a staff of highly trained elevator designers and experienced installers. To better serve our customers’ different requirements, we can also design and manufacture non-standard passenger elevators, residential elevators, and observation elevators according to your specific requirements. All our lifts and escalators are engineered to enhance the appearance and value of your building.


LARSSON Brand and products are popular in many countries around the world, such as the Mongolia, Nigeria, South Africa, Pakistan, Myanmar, Philippines, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Russia, Ecuador and so on.


Our elevators carry a full one-year warranty, with guaranteed quality backed by our 12 years in the elevator industry. Our skilled engineers and technicians also provide our customers with complete customer services.


All products are GB7588-2003 Standard, (A Chinese Industrial Standard) which is equivalent to EN81 in Europe.


We are located in Suzhou, China, (adjacent to Shanghai),  where we enjoy convenient transportation by sea, land, and air. This allows us to quickly and cheaply ship our passenger elevators, escalators, moving walks, dumbwaiter lifts, etc.

Elevator Products











Passenger MR 1.00m/s - 4.00m/s 450 kg- 1600 kg
Passenger MRL 1.00m/s- 1.75m/s 450 kg- 1600 kg
Panoramic 1.00m/s- 1.75m/s 800 kg- 1600 kg
Home 0.40m/s 200 kg- 400 kg
Bed (Hospital) 1.00m/s- 1.75m/s 1600 kg
Freight S1 0.5 m/s - 1.00m/s 1000 kg - 3000 kg
Freight S2 0.25m/s - 0.5 m/s 4000 kg - 5000 kg
Car 0.50m/s 3200 kg
Dumbwaiter 0.40m/s 100  kg - 200 kg

Escalator & Moving-walk Products






Step Width








Rise Height

Commercial 600mm ≤0.5 m/s 30/35 ≤11.5 m
800mm ≤0.5 m/s 30/35 ≤9  m
1000mm ≤0.5 m/s 30/35 ≤7.5  m
Public Transit 800/1000mm ≤0.75 m/s 30/35 ≤14m/12m
Heavy Load 1000mm ≤0.76 m/s 30 ≤22  m
Walk10-12 800mm ≤0.5  m/s 10~12 ≤9m
1000mm ≤0.5  m/s 10~12 ≤7.5m
Walk0-6 1000mm ≤0.75 m/s 0~6 ≤70m



Suppliers & Partners

One of our goals is providing our customers with high-quality products and service. To realize this goal, we have been cooperating with the best component suppliers and distributors in the past 2 decades. From the cooperation with those excellent companies we have improved ourselves quickly and drastically.
The logos below are just some of them. (All logos are arranged in a random order.)